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Our Equipment includes but is not limited to:

Suspension Frame
St Andrews Cross
Full length ‘stair way’ and squat Cages
Whipping Benches
Toilet Boxes
Gyno bench with under Cage
Vac Bed
ElectraStim Tens unit
Violet Wand
Venus 2000 Milking machine
F-Machine Pro 3
 Large collection of Whips, Crops, Canes, Paddles and Floggers
Nipple Clamps, Pegs, Pin Wheels and various other Clamps

Extensive range of Dildos, Butt Plugs, Strap-ons and Anal Hooks
Cock and Ball Parachutes, Humblers and Weights
Urethra Sounds ( multiple types )
Leather and Latex Body Bags
Hoods, Gags and Blindfolds
Ropes and Chains
Shoes, Underwear and Dresses
Make up, Nail Varnish and Wigs
Fisting Gloves
Condoms, Lubricant, Gloves, Tissues and Baby wipes
Shower and Towels
Tea and Coffee